Configure your proxy configuation in your bash_profile

In some case, when you want to use gem, it could be possible you are behind a proxy.

To avoid this case, you need to set your proxy’s information in your bash_profile.

Go to your home’s folder

cd ~/

Create your bash_profile

touch .bash_profile

Now you can edit your bash_profile and add this function

enableproxy() {
export HTTP_PROXY=
export http_proxy=$HTTP_PROXY
export https_proxy=$HTTPS_PROXY
git config — global http.proxy
git config — global https.proxy
#Delete this line to proxy usage

Don’t forget to replace with your own proxy’s URL

Back in your terminal, reload .bash_profile

. .bash_profile

That’s it

Android & iOS, quality in software is 𝛼&ɷ

Android & iOS, quality in software is 𝛼&ɷ