In some case, when you want to use gem, it could be possible you are behind a proxy.

To avoid this case, you need to set your proxy’s information in your bash_profile.

Go to your home’s folder

cd ~/

Create your bash_profile

touch .bash_profile

Now you can edit your bash_profile and add this function

enableproxy() {
export HTTP_PROXY=
export http_proxy=$HTTP_PROXY
export https_proxy=$HTTPS_PROXY
git config — global http.proxy
git config — global https.proxy
#Delete this line to proxy usage

Don’t forget to replace with your own proxy’s URL

Back in your terminal, reload .bash_profile

. .bash_profile

That’s it

Sometimes, it could happened the Gradle Wrapper is not present in your project.

So it could be difficult to execute a specific gradle’s task

To generate your Gradle Wrapper, you have to insert this block on your build.gradle at the Project’s level, with your target gradle’s version

After this, run this task


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